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Feb 01, 2004

What A Couple of Boobs


Idiots. Super Bowl halftime shows are bad enough without having MTV produce one.

This guy has more info on the incident as well as a recap of the commercials, that in my opinion were kind of a let down. In case you missed them, some are linked in his sidebar.

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Feb 04, 2004


[Link via Beatniksalad]

I believe in blogging. I think there is, on some scale, a degree of importance to the individual's writing that extends beyond the personal, that the publishing of a blog is more about the community of blogging than it is about any one blogger.

The title below links to a (long) post that discusses the merits of blogging and some possible directions for its future. The comments section is even longer than the post and full of opinions that make me think this is more than a passing fad. Although the disscussion revolves more specifically around Journalism, a lot of the observations are true of most blogs. Reading the post reminded me of why I started blogging in the first place, and that I really haven't put enough work into my own blog lately.

From Whiskey Bar: Davos Discovers the Blogs:

That's the fundamental difference between the web and the mainstream mass media, which is strictly top down. By splitting the audience into narrower and narrower fragments, based on interests or demographics, the mass media does destroy the public space, and replaces it with a bunch of pipes, or information "stacks" -- as in a processor chip -- that run from Time-Warner-AOL-Capital-Cities-Disney-ABC-Viacom-Fox (or whatever) down to the target audience. There was a joke a few years back that this trend eventually this would spawn magazines targeted at individual subscribers, with titles like Bruce Illustrated, or Modern Kathy.

Blogs, on the other hand, are the exact opposite: magazines created by individual publishers and aimed outward at the vast universe of the web. And these pipes run horizontally, as well as vertically, creating (to use another lame tech metaphor) a neural net of writers and readers, producers and consumers. The net is capable of deciding -- in a completely democratic way what topics it wants to explore. In effect, the news agenda is put to a continuous vote, with Google counting the ballots. Everyone and anyone is free to contest the results, but if the blogosphere wants to talk about, say, Dean's scream, then that will become the metaphorical equivalent of the lead story on page one -- until something comes along that attracts more votes.

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30 Second Anti-Bush Ad Contest Winners

Bush in 30 Seconds

I haven't looked through every single one of these 30 second "ads" yet, but from what I've seen so far the contest doesn't quite have the power to sway an entire nation. Then again maybe I should put up or shut up.

The panel of judges include: Bush-hater, Al Frankin; screaming mimi, Janeane Garofalo; liberal spinmeister, Michael Moore; jingle writer, Moby; and rock and roll activists Michael Stipe and Eddie Vedder.

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Feb 06, 2004

Next Time Remember: Stop, Drop and Roll

[Link (to the article) via ChgoRed]

Tenn. Woman Files Suit Over Super Bowl

Carlin alleges that she and others who watched the halftime show during Sunday's Super Bowl were injured by the performers' lewd actions when Timberlake ripped off part of Jackson's costume, exposing her breast.

The lawsuit is even more ridiculous than the boob stunt, but the article itself is entertaining if only for the language. Besides, I needed a reason to post this.

WARNING: the link above may cause outrage, anger, embarrassment and in extreme cases even serious injury, because I suppose that upon viewing it you could become so angered that you start bashing your head against your keyboard, or worst you could start bashing the person next to you with your keyboard. If you find yourself outraged, angered, or embarrassed; stop where you are, drop to the ground, cover your face with your hands to protect your face and eyes, and roll over and over until you are safely in another room and away from the computer. In the event that your child sees this, promote a healthy dialogue and explain to your child that Justin Timbelweed is a great big tool, and that yes, Janet Jackson is the sister of the child molesting zombie that is on the 6 o'clock news every night, and that ripping a bra cup off someone is wrong because not only does it expose nipple for all and God to see, but the aggressive gesture is violent in and of itself, but not the same kind of violent displayed when a football player rams his head into another player's stomach because those people wear pads and nobody's nipple is exposed, so when you and your friends are out in the yard playing football I better not see anybody ripping off anybody else's bra cup or any other article of clothing or you're going to find out what real anger and outrage is.

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Feb 09, 2004

The 51 States of America (if you count D.C. as a state)

[Link via RevSpork]

To the best of my recollection these are the states (shown in red) that I've been to, although I've only been in the airports of Colorado and Delaware. And I can't remember if I've been to Louisiana or not. There was a Spring Break where we went through about 9 different states...

You can click on the link below the map to create your own map.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

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Feb 10, 2004


The Mac Observer - TMO Reports - Apple Sued Over iPod Battery Problems

Apple Computer said Tuesday it is a defendant in five separate purported class-action lawsuits accusing the company of misrepresenting claims of the battery life in its popular iPod digital music player.
Angst and Information

One party expends energy amplifying its frustration through a mixed media guerilla campaign, while another party collects pertinent information concerning the problem and possible solutions.

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MoveOn.org: Democracy in Action

A call to action from MoveOn.org: Democracy in Action.

Censure Bush for Misleading Us

In an attempt to escape responsibility for the misleading statements that led the nation to war, President Bush has announced plans to form an independent inquiry to look into what went wrong. An inquiry would serve the Bush administration well: it would envelop the issue in a fog of uncertainty, deflect blame onto the intelligence services, and push any political damage into 2005, after the upcoming election.

But the facts need no clarification. Despite repeated warnings from the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency, President Bush and his administration hyped and distorted the threat that Iraq posed. And now that reality is setting in, the President seeks to pin the blame on someone else. We can't let him.

Congress has the power to censure the President -- to formally reprimand him for his betrayal of the nation's trust. If ever there was a time to use this function, it is now. Join the call for Congress to censure President Bush now at: http://www.moveon.org/censure

This is a link to the pdf ad from the moveon.org site.

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Feb 13, 2004

Valentine Was a Saint

Not a lot of people understand that St. Valentine's Day actually originated as a day to honor a Catholic saint. That is where the "Saint" in "Saint Valentine's Day" comes from.

The most thorough account of the origin I could find came from this site:

One story tells that he was able to cure a guard’s daughter of blindness. When word got back to Claudius, he was furious and ordered Valentine’s brutal execution – beaten by clubs until dead, and then beheaded. While he was waiting for the soldiers to come and drag him away, Valentine composed a note to the girl telling her that he loved her. He signed it simply, "From Your Valentine." The execution was carried out on February 14th.

Another legend touts of a well loved priest called Valentine who lived under the rule of Emperor Claudius II. Rome was constantly engaged in war. Year after year, Claudius drafted male citizens into battle to defend and expand the Roman Empire. Many Romans were unwilling to go. Married men did not want to leave their families. Younger men did not wish to leave their sweethearts. Claudius ordered that no marriages should be celebrated and that all engagements must be broken off immediately.  

Valentine disagreed with his emperor. When a young couple came to the temple seeking to be married, Valentine secretly obliged them. Others came and were quietly married. Valentine became the friend of lovers in every district of Rome. But such secrets could not be kept for long. Valentine was dragged from the temple. Many pleaded with Claudius for Valentine's release but to no avail, and in a dungeon, Valentine languished and died. His devoted friends are said to have buried him in the church of St. Praxedes on the 14th of February.

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Feb 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day


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Feb 16, 2004

Happy President's Day

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
If you're re-elected,
I'll have to find a new country.

(I'm thinking Andorra)

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