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Jan 01, 2004



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Jan 16, 2004

And Now Back to Our Show

The other night I was flipping through the tv and I passed by this on channel 19:


I made it all the way to The Weather Channel when I realized that I had just passed a great big giant F-word on my tv. I flipped back and it was still there hanging like a poster, so I left it on while I did other stuff.

After half an hour a woman from the ACLU came on and talked about free speech on public access tv. Apparently you are allowed to be profane, but not obscene. As long as you're voicing an opinion you can pretty much do anything on public access tv.

So I looked up channel 19 (in Chicago) on the web and found this on their website:

Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV) gives every Chicagoan a voice on cable television. While the media marketplace is controlled by a shrinking number of companies, CAN TV provides a public space where Chicagoans can discuss issues of local concern, promote health, educational and economic resources in the community, and celebrate local talent and initiatives.

CAN TV is non-commercial and 90% local. People communicate using the channels without interference from station management, advertisers or government officials. Thousands of groups and residents have taken advantage of the training, facilities and channel capacity available to them as a result of a franchise agreement between the City of Chicago and the city's cable operators.


CAN TV offers a free orientation on how to get started broadcasting your own tv shows, as well as classes on how to operate all the equipment.

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Jan 17, 2004

Music: 'o4 and Beyond. Hopefully.

This past Tuesday, David Bowie re-released his 1993 album Black Tie White Noise as a special edition 3 disc package. The first disc is the original album in its entirety, the second is a few other songs plus remixes from the album, and the third is a DVD that serves as a "making of" documentary. The original album may not have been one of Bowie's strongest efforts (there's a duet with Al B Sure on it for example), but I do remember liking the single Jump They Say.

The interesting thing here is the inclusion of the DVD. For the last couple years the music recording industry has been bitching and moaning about the lost of sales due to file sharing. I've always contested that the recording industry should be using the technology to offer listeners more, rather than be complaining about it. Complaining translates into contempt for the audience (and as we know that's what killed Joey Bishop).

CD packaging doesn't offer the same experience album covers did. For one thing the liner notes are so small, if masturbation doesn't make a 14 year old boy go blind the 6 point type will. When I was a kid I used to spend hours upon hours... reading liner notes and looking at cover art. I think what the music buying audience is waiting for is a chance to get to know the acts and their work on a more informed level. A companion DVD to any CD is almost a no-brainer, and there are a lot of opportunities for subject matter. Bios and "making of" features are obvious as are the inclusion of videos that promote the music, but how about filming live performances from the concert that supported the last album and sticking that on the DVD? That way the audience hears the new stuff and gets to see and hear another version of the older stuff. Whatever. Be creative.

The CD/DVD approach would raise the cost of the music, but I think a market exists and the package would offer more value than a downloaded mp3.

On a semi-related note, an artist that my mom used to manage has the third most popular download on Apple's iTunes Music Service. If you use iTunes you can preview the track here.

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Jan 20, 2004


Not even the soft, washed out light can hide the ugliness of this iCreature (I'm talking about the stand, not the girl). The design vaguely reminds me of those spiders in Minority Report. Why would you want that in your house?

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Jan 22, 2004

"You'll Dance to Anything"

Last week Apple introduced their latest version of iLife, the multimedia suite geared for the everyday consumer. Most notable is the inclusion of a DIY music creation app named GarageBand. As the name might suggest its an opportunity for anyone (with a Mac) to make it big in music, just like the rock stars who started out in their parents' garage. Or at least that's how the folklore goes.

Already there is at least one site devoted to the use of GarageBand that reports on news and info surrounding the product. They have even set up an area where users can post their creations for others to check out. Keep in mind this is all relatively new. A lot of what's up there will probably remind you of the heyday of the Casio keyboard, but look how far Depeche Mode went with that. The point is, "Crap in > Crap out" as they say in technology, but in the hands of a true talent (like myself for instance) this opens up another avenue for interesting music. I'll be sure to remember all of you when I'm a huge rock star.

For now here's a view of John Mayer jamming with GarageBand, and an even larger (56MB) view of the same performance with a Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field intro.

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Happy Chinese New Year

[Link via the life - or NOT! ]

Kung Hee Fat Choy (Happy New Year), its the year of the Monkey.

You can find out what animal year you were born in here.

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Jan 23, 2004

George on Joe and Muhammad

I read this about a month ago in the January edition of Esquire magazine. Former Heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman (also of the George Foreman line of grills that just seem to be getting bigger and bigger all the time) spoke of the relationship between his 2 former Heavyweight boxing champion counterparts, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali:

Joe told me why he had that hate for Ali. Muhammad was calling him an Uncle Tom. Kids would go to school and taunt his children, and they'd come home and his wife would hear about it. What bothered Joe was that every morning he'd get up really early, when it was dark, to get the roadwork in. He always wore this big hood over his head when he ran. And he said, "Man, I don't want my wife thinking I'm peeping into people's windows." The point is, at the time, Joe didn't get what an Uncle Tom was. He hated Muhammad because he thought Ali was calling him a Peepin' Tom. If someone would have explained to Joe what an Uncle Tom was, he might not have ever hated Ali.

I'm not sure why I find this so funny, but when I first read it on the train one day I couldn't stop laughing.

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Jan 24, 2004

GarageBand Song

Here's the first song I made using Apple's new music creation app GarageBand: 1.7mb

Its made entirely of loops that are part of the software package. This thing is addicting. I even dusted off my guitar that I haven't touched in months and dug around in my "closet of the unknown" to look for a 1/4" to 1/8" jack to connect the guitar to the computer. I discovered I still suck at guitar so it'll be a while before I post any music that I actually played. I forgot all the scales, but I did find this kick ass site of every guitar scale possible. If you play guitar you should really check this site out. It could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in guitar scale books. Nifty bit of JavaScript to boot.

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Jan 25, 2004

USATODAY.com - Pepsi ads wink at music downloading

USATODAY.com - Pepsi ads wink at music downloading

Some 20 teens sued by the Recording Industry Association of America, which accuses them of unauthorized downloads, will appear in a Pepsi-Cola (PEP) ad that kicks off a two-month offer of up to 100 million free — and legal — downloads from Apple's iTunes, the leading online music seller.

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Jan 26, 2004

Nazi 2.0

Seems like Adobe has taken offense to being incorporated into the lexicon:

Always capitalize and use trademarks in their correct form.

CORRECT: The image was enhanced with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements software.

INCORRECT: The image was photoshopped.

INCORRECT: The image was Photoshopped.

INCORRECT: The image was Adobe Photoshopped.

Is it all right if readers still refer to themselves as readers?

Update: Awright, I know this is just a copywriter's standards guideline on how to treat the trademark. I'm just a little irked that no one ever gives Spam® the same kind of respect.

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