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Dec 02, 2003

Hello Again

According to my calendar I haven't posted for 10 days. I've been out of town. I saw my favorite cousin get married, played with my 3 year old nephew who talks like a little adult now, hung out with my parents, went to visit my friend's grave, ate on Thanksgiving until I was uncomfortable, saw some high school friends, got stranded in L.A. overnight and then got food poisoning from a United Airline scrambled egg sandwich and missed work yesterday.

It was one of those weeks that changes your my perspective. I'll tell (especially about the Chicago to San Francisco leg) in a bit.

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Dec 04, 2003

The Waiting

In 10-12 business days I'll be getting the brown one. I'm excited!! You can tell by the double exclaimation marks.

There was a time in my life when everything I did revolved around photography. All my friends were photographers, my mentor was a photographer, and my girlfriend was a photographer. I read books about it, went to shows and museums to look at it, and spent most of my time in the studio or darkroom. The chemically smell of developer still gives me a calming feeling.

Its shamanistic, photography. It transforms the everyday into a celebration of itself. Its the power to fix one moment in time so as to be meticulously examined for its story. It is the target, the archer and the flight of the arrow finding a oneness. Connecting and being all at the same time.

And now its digital and fits in my pants!

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Dec 07, 2003

watch Netflix DVD

Blog or watch Matrix 2? Well I think I'm going to see what all the fuss was about with the Matrix and finish my left over Chinese food at the same time, so I'll blog more tomorrow. For now here are a couple of things:

More camera lust from Leica.


An article about people making cut-up poetry from spam. [Link via A Complete Waste of Time]

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Dec 10, 2003

The Weather Outside


My new camera's here! Here's a picture from through my dirty window. I'll post more as I learn how this thing works. I kind of glanced through the manuals and there were all these warnings about what not to do and what never to do, etc...


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Dec 11, 2003

Snowglobe Santa


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Dec 14, 2003

100th Post

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that this historic event coincides with another one: Saddam Hussein was captured yesterday. He was hiding in a hole, which I wouldn't think is a good place to hide, but maybe that's why he chose it.

So my next 2 questions are who gets to punish him (its not really U.S. jurisdiction I don't think, unless he's punished for past crimes), and what does this mean for the U.S. economy. I would predict a slight upturn in consumer spending due to a better national mood, but that may only be temporary. I wonder what will happen with corporate and Government spending.

You know, the whole thing about him hiding in a hole just reeks of this tv show I heard about. And maybe that's punishment enough.

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About My Whereabouts

If you've been wondering where I've been and why my posts have been so sparse lately, just let me tell you that capturing a wanted dictator takes a lot of time. There was a $30 million bounty on his head and I could have used that money. I had a theory that maybe Saddam was hiding behind a tree so I checked every single tree I passed by for the last 2 weeks to no avail. I did find a dog, a discarded AOL cd, and an usurper, but no Saddam. I never thought to look in a hole.

Also, I've been trying to find a winter coat which gladly I finally did yesterday. I bought and returned a North Face shell because it was too long (or maybe because I'm too short, I don't know), and exchanged it for a Patagonia jacket called the "Infurno". Sounds warm doesn't it? I especially like the way they spelled inferno with a u to make it sound like its made out of fur. Its lined with polar fleece which I imagine as coming from some kind of Arctic sheep-bear.

Also, I've been testing out the new camera:


Still trying to get the hang of the settings. (This was altered in Photoshop a little.)

Also, I've been researching tvs. That is tv sets and not tv shows. My current tv set, in addition to making an unbearable squealing noise, now has lines at the top that are starting to cover about 1/4 of the screen. It is 10 years old so I guess its allowed. After much research I narrowed the choice down to this one from Best Buy which ironically is the best buy since delivery is thrown in for free.

And then of course there is this pain in the ass holiday called Christmas to deal with. It always comes too fast for me since I have to shop early enough to mail the gifts early enough so it reaches everyone before Christmas. I think everybody on my list is getting the first season of the Sopranos on either DVD or VHS. One size fits all, one click, paid, delivered, done. Is that the Christmas Spirit or what?

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Position Open: Associate Customer Satisfaction Engineer


Job Description: Open mail containing socks that were worn by people who later on decided they didn't like them.

Requirements: Must be able to handle used socks.

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Dec 21, 2003

State Street the Great Street


The Chicago Theater
7:30 pm Friday night before Christmas

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Dec 22, 2003

And You Thought Your Commute Was Tough



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