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Sep 21, 2003


HyperDictionary.com is an online dictionary where practically every word in a definition entry is hyper-linked to another definition. From what I can tell it is still evolving towards what it ultimately wants to be, but what's there so far is interesting and fun to use. The hyper-linking aspect allows you to associate one definition with another and meander through the meanings of words.

The database currently consists of 5 sections: English Dictionary, Computer Dictionary, Thesaurus, Dream Dictionary, Medical Dictionary.

A search box can even be put in your sidebar.

[For TypePad users simply create a "Link" TypeList and place the code into the "notes" field of the link. Make sure in the "Configure" panel (of the TypeList) that "Display Notes as" is set to "text".]

(let me know if that last part was unclear.)

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Thank you for sharing. Now I can stop using dictionary.com, which is a nuisance with all the pop-up ads.

Posted by: Bre at Sep 28, 2003 8:07:05 AM

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of dictionary.com for that same reason. Hopefully HyperDictionary will add a spelling feature soon, and also link to the American Heritage database. Did you know American Heritage and Webster's used to be one company? There was a big disscussion about whether the definitions should be presented the way people used words or the way words were meant to be used. The company split and Webster's definitions became descriptive: the way people used the words. American Heritage became prescriptive: the way the words were meant to be used. Anyway, Sherlock works well too if you're on a Mac.

Posted by: carried away at Sep 28, 2003 11:29:55 AM

Hi Everyone, I loved the article. However, I think the best dictionary resource I found was at wordIQ.com. The URL is http://www.wordiq.com. It has just every resource I can think of and I spend literally hours just browsing around on that site. Anyways, just wanted to give my 2 cents on the topic :) -Catherine

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